‘ARTGWANGJU21 Secretariat’ is creating a “Happy Art Marketplace” through the planning and operation of ‘ARTGWANGJU21’ hosted by Gwangju Metropolitan City and organized by Korea Art Promotion Association (KAPA).

In particular, recognizing the limitations of art fairs that have been limited to temporary events, we are seeking various solutions to become creative art fairs under the value of “creating a sustainable art and culture ecosystem”.

‘ARTGWANGJU21’ is a festival venue that creates a stable online and offline art market, inspires artists to create, and leads art culture that anyone can enjoy easily. We are striving to support domestic art culture in which creation, distribution, and enjoyment circulate in a virtuous cycle and to form a sustainable art network.

The ‘ARTGWANGJU21 Secretariat’ will continue to pay attention to the changes of the times in the overseas art world, listen to various opinions of the domestic art world, and realize the unique artistic identity of the region. Therefore, we will do our best to become a global art fair that presents a new vision for art culture.

Art Gwangju Secretariat.

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